cicero, ny 199X

Photo Steve Szczechura, Tylor Bigras, Paul Beasley, Jim Giarrusso, Dave Laliberte, Felipe Garcia, and Matt Szczechura.  Thanks to Jim Giarrusso for finding this.

trap & field article from 1963

Click HERE for an interesting article from 1963 featuring a familiar face...

state shoot 1984

Photo of Nelson Maine and Herman Ledje taken at the New Hampshire State Shoot at Pelham Fish & Game.  Thanks to Phil Wright & Dennis DeVaux for digging this up.

NHTA      NEW HAMPSHIRE trapshooting association

From the JIM Giarrusso archives

Some great shots of old faces.

trap & field article from 1975

Click HERE for another interesting article from 1975 regarding our State Shoot.  Thanks to our friend Dennis DeVaux for providing these...