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6/12/2018 - massachusetts state shoot

​New Hampshire was well represented at the Massachusetts State Shoot this past weekend at Minute Man Sportsman's Club.

Congratulations to the following New Hampshire shooters who had success at the this state's first 4-day shoot:

Kevin Brodeur - Preliminary Singles Class D, All-Around Non-Resident Class D

Mike Capozzi - Championship Handicap Non-Resident Champion

Frank Culbertson - Preliminary Handicap 23-24yds

Andrew Cavanagh - Championship Singles Non-Resident Junior, Championship Doubles Non-Resident Junior, All-Around Non-Resident Junior

Bob Cavanagh - Preliminary Singles Class B, Championship Handicap Non-Resident 23-24yds

Peter Eaton - Bay State Handicap 23-24yds

​Felipe Garcia - All-Around Non-Resident Class A

Jim Giarrusso - Preliminary Handicap 18-20yds, Championship Singles Non-Resident Class C

Leo Henriquez - All-Around Non-Resident Class AA

Jason Green - Bay State Handicap 18-20yds, Championship Handicap Non-Resident 18-20yds

Bob Little - Preliminary Handicap 21-22yds

Dave Murgatroy - Preliminary Doubles Veteran, Championship Doubles Non-Resident Veteran, Championship Handicap Non-Resident Veteran

​Frank Sampson - Bay State Singles Champion, Bay State Doubles Class A, Preliminary Doubles Class A

Jim Sweet - Bay State Doubles Class D, Preliminary Handicap Senior Veteran, Championship Handicap Non-Resident Senior Veteran

Mike Sylvester - Championship Handicap Non-Resident Sub-Veteran, All-Around Non-Resident Class C

For a complete breakdown of results for this shoot, check out the "Shoots & Results" page.

7/19/2018 - PHOTOs ADDED

New photos have been added to the "PHOTOS" page.


Congratulations to the following New Hampshire shooters who shot well at the Rhode Island State Shoot a few weeks ago:

Mike Capozzi - Championship Handicap Champion

Frank Culbertson - Championship Handicap 5th Place

Steve Grady - Preliminary Singles Class B

Gary Littlefield - Championship Doubles Non-Resident Class B

Phil Wright - Championship Doubles Non-Resident Class AA

For a complete breakdown of results for this shoot, check out the "Shoots & Results" page.

6/20/2018 - vermont state shoot

The Vermont State Shoot was held last weekend at the Montpelier Gun Club.  Congratulations to these New Hampshire shooters who represented New Hampshire well in that tournament:

Kevin Brodeur - Championship Singles Class D

Melissa Carpenter - Preliminary Handicap Lady II, Championship Handicap Lady II

Andrew Cavanagh - Championship Doubles Junior, Championship Handicap Junior

Frank Culbertson - Preliminary Singles Class A

Buddy Driscoll - Championship Singles Sub-Veteran

Peter Eaton - Preliminary Handicap 5th Place, Championship Singles Class A, Championship Doubles Class D

Felipe Garcia - Preliminary Doubles Sub-Veteran

Jason Green - Championship Handicap Runner-Up

Josh Green - Preliminary Handicap 3rd Place, Championship Handicap 18-20yds

Bob Little - Preliminary Doubles Class D, Championship Singles Class C

Dennis Nadeau Jr. - Preliminary Doubles Class C

Hailey Riley - Championship Singles Junior, High All-Around Open Junior

Eugene Roy - Preliminary Singles Veteran, Championship Singles Veteran

Phil Wright - Preliminary Handicap Runner-Up, Championship Handicap 25-27yds

​​​​​​​For a complete breakdown of results for this and other shoots, check out the "Shoots & Results" page.

7/11/2018 - FOR SALE ITEMs ADDED

New items have been added to the "FOR SALE" page.

7/13/2018 - nh state shoot results

New Hampshire State Shoot results have been added to the "SHOOTS & RESULTS" page.

6/16/2018 - littlefield in the news

Our very own Gary "Jerry" Littlefield, made the local news in Pennsylvania yesterday.  The video footage also includes Jim Giarrusso, Mike Capozzi and Paul Kaknes (MA) who are all in Elysburg for the Pennsylvania State Shoot.

For a link to the video, CLICK HERE


Elections for ATA delegate as well as alternate delegates were conducted at our state association meeting this past Sunday.  Congratulations to Phil Wright (Delegate), Felipe Garcia (1st Alternate) and Steve Szczechura (2nd Alternate).  The "DELEGATES" page has been updated.

7/10/2018 - nh state shoot

Thank you to Minute Man Sportmen's Club for hosting another great State Championship this year.  Also, thank you to all New Hampshire and shooters visiting from other states.  We appreciate you shooting with us.

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