7/29/2015 - rj stuart scores

There is now a link to RJ Stuart Computer Services in the "Other Links" section of our home page so members can check out shoot results from major shoots outside of our state.

7/28/2015 - 200 Straight

Big congratulations go out to Mike Capozzi who shot 200 straight in the Singles Championship at the Eastern Zone this past weekend!

8/19/2015 - gary littlefield

Congratulations go out to Gary Littlefield, who took Champion in the Cabela's Handicap at the Cardinal Classic with a 99.

Gary has also won Class B Runner-up in the AJ's/Rio Singles.  Nice shooting, Gary!

7/28/2015 - CAPOZZI, GIARRUSSO & Wright

Congratulations to three New Hampshire shooters who earned trophies at the Eastern Zone in Pennsylvania.

​Phil Wright - Donald Schaeffer Jr. Singles Resident AAA Winner

Mike Capozzi​ - Singles Championship Resident Class B Winner, High All Around Resident Class B Winner, High Over All Resident Class B Winner

Jim Giarrusso - Singles Championship Resident Class D Runner Up

For a complete listing of Eastern Zone winners, CLICK HERE.



8/26/2015 - Peter eaton

Congratulations to Peter Eaton who ran his first 100-straight at the Cardinal Classic in the Sportsman's Den Singles Championship!

8/15/2015 - Sweet / Giarrusso / Abdinoor

Congratulations to a few of our New Hampshire shooters who were on the championship team of the Methuen Rod & Gun Club Trap League.  "Pull", captained by Jim Sweet, with Dan Giarrusso, Jim Giarrusso, and David Abdinoor won their shootoff this past Wednesday.

​A photo of the winning team has been added to the "Photos" page of the site.

8/15/2015 - Mike Blaisdell

Congratulations to Mike Blaisdell for his accomplishment of making the Sub-Veteran First Team in All American Points.

8/15/2015 - Samy singh

Congratulations go out to Samy Singh, who captured Class C Champion in the ATA Clay Target Championship Singles Event at the Grand American in Sparta, IL.  Samy also took 4th in the Grand American Handicap, as well as Class C High All Around.

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8/26/2015 - Jim Giarrusso

Congratulations to Jim Giarrusso, who won Class D Runner Up by way of a shoot off in the Zoli Doubles Championship at the Cardinal Classic in Ohio.