6/12/2017 - for sale item added

An item has been added to the "FOR SALE" page.

6/20/2017 - vermont state shoot

Results from the Vermont State Shoot have been added to the "SHOOTS & RESULTS" page.

Congratulation to the following New Hampshire competitors:

John Burger - Championship Handicap Non-Resident 18-20yd

Melissa Carpenter - Championship Singles Non-Resident Lady II

Peter Eaton - Championship Singles Non-Resident Veteran, High All-Around Veteran

Jim Gallagher - Championship Handicap Non-Resident 23-24 yd

Felipe Garcia - Preliminary Doubles Sub-Veteran, Championship Doubles Non-Resident Class AA, High All-Around Sub-Veteran

Jason Green - Preliminary Handicap Runner-Up

Don Lee - Preliminary Singles Class B

Jack McDonald - Championship Singles Non-Resident Class C

Dave Murgatroy - Preliminary Doubles Veteran, Championship Doubles Non-Resident Veteran

Eugene Roy - Preliminary Handicap Sub-Veteran, Preliminary Singles Class C

Mike Sylvester - Preliminary Handicap Champion, Preliminary Doubles Class B, Championship Handicap Non-Resident Sub-Veteran

Steve Szczechura - Championship Doubles Non-Resident Sub-Veteran

Dylan Todd - Championship Doubles Non-Resident Junior

Daniel Whaley - Championship Singles Non-Resident Class D, Championship Doubles Non-Resident Class D

Phil Wright - Preliminary Handicap 4th Place

​John Burger & Nicole Pigeon - Husband & Wife Team

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Congratulations to Mike Capozzi & Gary Littlefield, who knocked another shoot off their "bucket list" when they competed in the 2017 New Jersey State Shoot at the Pine Belt Club.

Mike Capozzi

  • Open A - NJ Class Singles Championship
  • Non-Resident Champion - "Gun For Hire" Handicap
  • ​Non-Resident Runner-Up - NJ State Handicap Championship

​Gary Littlefield

  • Non-Resident 4th Place - "Gun For Hire" Handicap
  • Non-Resident C - NJ State Doubles Championship

A few photos of Gary & Mike with their trophies have been added to the "PHOTOS" page.

6/20/2017 - new shoot added

A new shoot has been added in New Hampshire at the Cushing Trap Range on 6/29/2017.

For a complete list of results for that shoot, check out the "SHOOTS & RESULTS" page.

6/19/2017 - massachusetts state shoot

As usual, New Hampshire was very well represented at the Massachusetts State Shoot on June 9-11.

Congratulations to Dave Abdinoor, Andrew Cavanagh, Felipe Garcia, Leo Henriquez, Stephen Holubiak, Gary Littlefield, Dave Murgatroy, Gene Roy, Frank Sampson, Mike Sylvester, Steve Szczechura, Dylan Todd, Daniel Whaley, Leslie Whaley & Doug Whiton for their performances!

For a complete list of results for that shoot, check out the "SHOOTS & RESULTS" page.


Congratulations to Leo Henriquez, Mike Sylvester, Felipe Garcia, Robert LIttle & Jim Sweet who had some very nice accomplishments at the Rhode Island State Shoot!

Leo Henriquez

  • Open 24-25 Yard - Preliminary Handicap
  • ​Class A - Preliminary Doubles
  • Non-Resident Runner-UP - Championship Singles

​Michael Sylvester

  • Class C - Preliminary Doubles
  • Non-Resident Class C - Championship Doubles
  • Non-Resident Sub Veteran - Championship Handicap

Felipe Garcia

  • ​Sub Veteran Winner - Preliminary Doubles
  • Non-Resident Sub Veteran Winner - Championship Doubles
  • Non-Resident Sub Veteran High All-Around
  • ​Non-Resident Sub Veteran High Overall

Robert LIttle

  • Non-Resident 4th Place - Championship Handicap

Jim Sweet

  • Non-Resident Veteran - Championship Handicap

Nice shooting, guys!  A few photos of Bob & Jim with their hardware were added to the "PHOTOS" page back on 6/6.  If you'd like to check out full results for this shoot, check out the "SHOOTS & RESULTS" page.