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3/23/2015 - NH Shooters in FLORIDA

A photo of some of our New Hampshire shooters has been added to the "Photos" page.

Several of our shooters went down to the Silver Dollar Shooters Club for the Southern Grand and the Florida State Shoot.

3/23/2015 - DON LEE

Congratulations to Don Lee, who was the Veteran winner of the preliminary doubles event at the Silver Dollar Open earlier this month in Odessa, FL.

3/30/2015 - Jim Giarrusso

Congratulations to Jim Giarrusso, who took Non-Resident Fourth Place in the Handicap Championships at the Florida State Shoot last week!

3/23/2015 - Mike capozzi & jim giarrusso

Congratulations to a few of our New Hampshire shooters who placed at the Southern Grand American.

Mike Capozzi, was the Class C Runner Up for the Preliminary Doubles event, and Jim Giarrusso took 9th for the Handicap Championship.  Nice shooting, guys!

3/27/2015 - JACK mcdonald

Congratulations to Jack McDonald - Open Senior Veteran Winner of the Preliminary Singles event at the Florida State Shoot, which is going on right now down in Odessa Florida.

4/1/2015 - president's message

Hello Shooters! The 2015 shooting season is here.  Winter is somewhat behind us (at least according to the calendar), but it seems like the snow just comes and goes as it pleases.  Spring is surely around the corner, though!

​I have just returned from the Southern Grand - empty handed, of course.  However, a few who traveled from New Hampshire did manage to strike gold.  I would like to congratulate Michael Capozzi for winning a trophy in the preliminary doubles event with a very respectable 91.  Nice shooting Mike!

The Florida State Shoot was this past weekend, and we had two more shooters snag some hardware.  John (Jack) McDonald shot 100 straight in Tuesday's preliminary singles event.  The other shooter was the infamous Jimmy Giarrusso, who shot a 92 in the handicap championship, taking fourth place in the non-resident category!

While down in Florida this year, I saw more New England shooters than ever before.  I'm sure this past winter had NOTHING to do with it!

Once the remaining snow clears, we can all plan to shoot some targets on a weekly basis.  There will be other satellite grands if you feel like traveling outside of New England, but if you choose to stay local, there will be plenty of clubs throwing registered targets throughout the season.  Our webmaster keeps the "Upcoming Shoots" page of our website up-to-date, so check back frequently as shoots get added.

Also keep in mind that the target requirements have changed for the state team.  You can check out the current state team and the new requirements on the "State Team" page of the website.

​Before I close, I would like to mention that Dean Adams and I went to visit John Chick whil we were down in Florida.  John was not home when we visited because he was unfortunately in the hospital.  We spoke with his wife Anna, and she said that John is doing better and would be home soon.  Our thoughts and prayers are with John and his family for a speedy recovery, and we hope to see him shooting again soon.

Take care and shoot often.  Seeyou ALL on the trap field.

Yours truly,

​Felipe Garcia, NHCTA President

4/27/2015 - Programs added

Programs added for Peterborough Sportsman's Club shoots and Eastern Zone on the "Upcoming Shoots" page.

3/30/2015 - nevada state shoot

New Hampshire was very well represented at the Nevada State Shoot.  Congratulations to Peter Eaton, Bob Little, Ron Sevigny & Dean Walker for their accomplishments there:

Peter Eaton - Class B High Over All Non-Resident, Class C Doubles Class Championship, Class D Nevada Doubles Championship, Class B White Flyer Singles, 22-24.5 yards Fiocchi Handicap, 22-24.5 yards Boulder Trap Club Handicap, Class C Browning Doubles

Bob Little - Class D White Flyer Singles

Ron Sevigny - Class B Singles Class Championship

Dean Walker - Veteran Non-Resident Nevada Doubles Championship